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Nau mai ki Piwakawaka.

Tena tatou katoa

Ko Pukenui te Maunga,  

Ko Mangatea te Awa. 

Ko Tainui te Waka.  

Ko Te Tokonganui-a-noho te Marae.  

Ko Maniapoto toku iwi.  

No Taumarunui toku kainga.  

Ko Whaea Chelsea toku ingoa. 

My name is Whaea Chelsea, and I am an  ex-student of Turaki, beginning my first year of primary in 1994.

I am an experienced teacher who is equipped to work in a junior school context. My major strength within the curriculum is numeracy but I have a well-developed learning through play culture which supplements a variety of curriculum areas such as science, technology, literacy and numeracy. I believe, learning through play allows opportunities for learning to be more student driven and meaningful to them as learners. My role within our teams learning-through-play sessions is to seek opportunities for development of your child’s social, emotional and physical needs by linking their play to either a literacy or numeracy task or offering them specific language to vocalise their play. Learning through play develops qualities within students such as; critical thinking, decision making, negotiating with others, dealing with conflict, resilience, taking risks and oral language.

As your child transitions to school, the most important skills that they will need are; independence, emotional readiness and clear speech for communication. 

If you are interested in school visits for your 4 year old please phone the office or email me directly.   Our allocated school visit day is 1:40 - 2:45 every Tuesday.  

I welcome your questions about any of the above or any other questions about your child’s learning, so come along and see me in Room Piwakawaka. 


Nga mihi,

Whaea Chelsea

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