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Kia ora Whānau!


My name is Toria Arahanga and I am the Hauora teacher of Kereru.

I have been a part of Turaki for many years, as an alumni of the school and parent.


As a teacher, I believe and value the importance of creating a safe, positive and motivating classroom environment where all students can flourish. I encourage self-directed, reflective and resilient learners who always try their best, take risks and have a growth mindset. I am passionate about sports and love to open up opportunities for students to participate and acknowledge the many aspects sports can offer.


Kereru is a class formed of year 7 & 8’s and one of three classes that make up Te Mahuri. In Te Mahuri, we provide a supportive environment, offering personalised instruction and small group interactions to increase student-to-teacher contact.


Turaki has a clear and shared focus with effective school leadership and I feel blessed to be a part of the Turaki teaching team and Whanau. If you would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to make contact.


Miss A (Arahanga)

Year 7 & 8 Classroom teacher

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