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Tena Koe,
I am the Deputy Principal and Team Leader of Te Pihinga and Te Mahuri at Turaki Primary School.  

2024 is an exciting time in our teams as our students and teachers continue on our Structured Literacy and Science of L:earning Journey. 
In Kereru class, Mrs Kereopa, Whaea Hutia and I look forward to supporting our learners to reach their potential and have fun doing it!

Whaea Hutia is our class based Learning Assistant, who is also currently studying to be a teacher.
Myself and my team are committed to all our learners being successful and capable during their time at Turaki and beyond. 

Miss Turner



Kia Ora


My name is Samantha Kereopa and I share the Hauora Class Kereru with Miss Turner.  Like many of our staff I am also an ex pupil of Turaki, starting in 1994 with Whaea Chelsea. I have two young sons of my own who keep me busy. 

I have mainly taught in High Schools and have a passion for Health & Physical Education. This will be my third year at Turaki. I have really enjoyed working with our senior students and helping them prepare for secondary school life. 

We have a fantastic teaching team in Te Mahuri and I am proud to be a part of this. We work collaboratively with all our students and offer them a wide range of learning opportunities. Turaki has a strong leadership team and as a result our students are well cared for and know what is expected of them,

I believe in developing and maintaining positive relationships with all my students so they can learn in a trusting and secure environment. I loved school growing up so my aim is to help others feel the same. We have structure, routine, fun, humour, challenges and the odd practical joke in Te Mahuri - every student's dream classroom. We are also lucky to be blessed with such amazing students.


Mrs Kereopa 

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