Welcome to Room Tūī, my name is Chelsea Jellie aka Whaea Chelsea, and I am an  ex-student of Turaki, beginning my first year of primary here in 1994. I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of the Turaki School Team.

I am an experienced teacher who has worked mainly within a junior school context. My major strength within the curriculum is numeracy but I have also been developing a learning through play culture which supplements a variety of curriculum areas such as science, technology, literacy and numeracy. I believe, learning through play allows opportunities for learning to be more student driven and meaningful to them as learners. My role within our teams learning-through-play sessions is to seek opportunities for development of your child’s social, emotional and physical needs by linking their play to either a literacy or numeracy task or offering them specific language to vocalise their play. Learning through play develops qualities within students such as; critical thinking, decision making, negotiating with others, dealing with conflict, resilience, taking risks and oral language. In Te Kakano, I am aiming to develop a good balance between explicit teaching of major curriculum areas while also engaging students within learning through play context.

I welcome your questions about any of the above or any other questions about your child’s learning, so come along and see me in Room Tūī.

Nga mihi, Whaea Chelsea
Year 0/1 Teacher
Te Kakano Team Leader



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