Hello to all!

My name is Charlotte Higgs and I am the Hauora teacher of room Ruru. We are one of three year 7 & 8 classes that make up the Te Mahuri team. 


In Ruru class and across team Te Mahuri we are focused on student agency and allowing students to take ownership and responsibility for their own learning. Student agency is crucial for being a lifelong learner, which is what I wish for every student to be.  


As Hauora classes are the main point of call for each student, we also have core learning workshops. These core learning workshops allow students to work with a range of teachers and students. With a priority to ensure all students' learning styles are catered for, with many learning opportunities provided both co-operative and independently. I also look forward to having inter-class challenges with the other two year 7 & 8 Hauora classes, a little friendly competition! 


Being seniors in the school students are encouraged to take on leadership roles such as Whanau House Leaders, PB4L leaders, and help with school duties such as Breakfast in Schools, organising school events and Fruit Monitors. As well as always caring for our classroom and school environment. 


Turaki has a great team of staff, students and Whanau which I feel very privileged to be a part of again for the coming year, 2021. I look forward to meeting you all and am always happy to hear from you! 


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